Open Call Submission

“SG:SW2017 I Write The Songs” is a Song Writing Festival is calling for Original Song Submissions. The original songs submitted can be songs written by individuals or as a group (with consent from all songwriters involved). Entrants may submit multiple songs, with a maximum of 3 sets of lyrics and 3 sets of melody composition associated to each songwriter, regardless if the songs were submitted by themselves or other entrants.

Submission Requirements

  • Aged 15 years old and above Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents or foreigners living in Singapore with a valid student or work visa or long-term visiting pass.
  • Co-written song entries (multiple songwriters) can be submitted for selection, however, consent from all songwriters have to be given to the main applicant before submission.
  • Songwriters who have an existing music publishing contract may also participate, however, with consent and agreement from their respective Music Publisher(s) that no upfront royalty fee will be required by the songwriter/music publisher should the submitted song be recorded and released (as part of the winning prize). The music copyrights of the submitted songs will still belong to the songwriters. Please declare about your Music Publisher(s) in the submission form.
  • For more information, please read the Rules & Regulations

Open Call Submission starts from now till 16th July 2017, 11.59PM.